My application for an iPhone was rejected last week. Apparently I am not a good credit risk for O2 even though I can buy the iPhone and a 12 month contract outright. I wonder if Apple know how many customers are turned away by O2's business practices?

So I have bought myself a Sony Ericcson W980. Very nice little toy, looks very cool, 8GB memory and a 3.2 megapixel camera. Oh yes, Vodafone don't seem to think that I am unworthy of a phone plan.

One of the big annoyances since I got the phone was my inability to send all my contacts from the phone to my mac via bluetooth. It used to work on Tiger with my older phone, but something was wrong on Leopard. I just kept on getting transfer rejected messages. With a bit of searching on the internet, it appears that you have to go to System Preferences > Sharing and then enable Bluetooth Sharing for Leopard to accept contacts via bluetooth. Simple, once you find out how to do it ;-)